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Red Dragon Karate - Palm Desert

Children Martial Arts Classes

Welcome to Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate, located in Palm Desert CA, where we offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Teen Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Fitness Kickboxing. Founded in 1965 by Louis D. Casamassa, Red Dragon Karate has grown to over 15 locations is Southern California and has been awarded many times over as the premier training facility for learning self defense and life skills. We develop and empower our students to set goals and achieve them through the unique training available only at our studios.

For men, women, and children-no martial arts training or experience necessary-our doors are open to offer you world class training here at Red Dragon Karate Palm Desert.  We are all about self defense, improved health and fitness, competition, stress relief, and camaraderie with like minded people in a supportive environment

At Red Dragon Karate Palm Desert, all students are treated with respect.  Through a fun and interesting approach, students learn life skills, goal setting, and a mental, physical, and emotional strategy for faster learning.  Instructors also use various techniques that, when properly combined, build intrinsic enthusiasm and motivation to help students achieve more than they often think is possible.  Each student is taken through a series of carefully planned victories that build momentum and inspire positive action.

Students are treated with attention and respect, and the instructors seek out each student's strengths and gifts to build them into strong, confident individuals.  Each achievement and earned recognition adds up until they form a foundation for a lifetime of success.  Red Dragon Karate Palm Desert instructors team up with parents, coaches, teachers, and other important figures in a student's life to reinforce the strong character traits, good manners, and values that make people stand out

These concepts of respect, cooperation, discipline, focus and courage, along with our advanced practitioners training alongside beginners, are just a few of the many characteristics that make Red Dragon Karate so unique. Combining the best in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Okinawan style arts, along with positive motivation techniques developed by the American Karate Kung fu Federation makes Red Dragon Karate an American original. We were mixing martial arts before it was popular and we continue to lead the way with the best training and most innovate instructors in the industry. As a matter of fact all the instructors at Red Dragon are certified professionals who pass both written and physical exams to receive their teaching credentials.

We know to be the best of the best takes time, practice, perseverance and dedication. Come in today to get the results you want and see how at Red Dragon Karate Palm Desert we have the "Refuse to Lose" attitude!