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Lou Casamassa's Red Dragon Karate of Palm Desert, California offers a Winning Combination -- Amazing Fitness, World Class Self-Defense & Fun for the Entire Family

Greetings! We are just wonderfully excited that your search for a professional martial arts center has led you to Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate.  We are this city’s best martial arts facility.  We are also home to qualified and well-trained staff of martial arts experts who proudly make it their goal to assure every class is conducted with your well being and overall fitness health in mind.  Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate is the ideal place to become proficient in any of the martial arts curriculum we provide.

We Know We Have What You Are Looking For.

You – yes you – are the ideal student for Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate.  Whether you are a middle-aged man, a single mom, a high school athlete or whether you are a looking for a program for a little prince or princess entering pre-kindergarten.  There are numerous options for you at our martial arts facility.

Whether you are experienced in any form of martial arts or not, the curriculum at Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate are without a doubt the best!  Our mission to help you engage the discipline, control and power that comes from learning martial arts, develop a strong and toned body, and learn self-defense techniques.   Our training approach is practical, logical, and employable in everyday living.   

Our menu of exciting, engaging and enjoyable workshops and classes looks like this:

  • Karate Self-Defense Classes for Kids (4+), Adults and Teens
  • Chris Casamassa’s Kick n Fit Kids Program  (amazing weight loss program for kids)
  • Bully Proof Workshop (learn how to avoid and handle bullying situations)
  • Adult Self Defense (learn some street common self-defense techniques)
  • Kids Safe Training  (kids learn skills to stay safe)
  • Fitness Kickboxing (intense fat burning cardio workout)
  • Karate for Concentration Workshop (kids learn skills to focus for better grades)

The courses stimulate physical endurance, mental clarity and stability, and defensive techniques while increasing self-esteem.


The Lou Casamassa’s Red Dragon Karate staff is an impressive and professional collective of Black Belt martial arts experts, competitors and professionals.   This mean you can be confident knowing that everything you are taught is something they have learned.  Because they have, they are acutely in tune with your hesitation, intimidation and concerns; so they are uniquely qualified to help guide you through all of it to reach your goals.  And, we help you reach those goals at a level and in a class that meets you position of comfort.

Even more significantly our staff is continually amazed by the stronger bodies, sharper minds, increased patience, increased self-respect and elevated integrity that our martial arts programs inspired.

We know you are busy.  We all are.  That is why we have a menu of classes to fit every schedule’s appetite.  Weekdays, weekends and evenings our instructors are in place to serve up the best training in town.  No matter what your schedule dictates – we have a program on the calendar that is right for you. 

We know that you not only can do this, but you are ready to do it. SO LET’S DO IT!  Our hand is extended so you can set your fears aside.  Here is something we understand and practice – the most powerful you or I can show to others we must first find in ourselves.  We want to help you believe in your strength, your power, you confidence emotionally, mentally and physically.  Your quest for that coveted Black Belt, your first take-down or any other achievement must be born in your mind, heart and spirit first. We make it easy to experience a holistic approach to martial arts training and fitness.  

Will you be our next story of amazing courage and change?  We think you will be.  We have a FREE TRIAL PROGRAM that will help you dip your feet into the pool of martial arts excitement.  Once your feet feel the force, we know the rest of you will jump in with your whole being.  While you continue to check out our information, grab the phone and give us a call - 760-776-7522.   One call can start a journey that will change your life and your body!

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